Josh participating on a panel discussion while receiving the Indiana University Outstanding Young Alumni Award
Fellowships and Scholarships
•2015-Present: Nancy Foster Scholar, NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries ($188,000; 4 awarded in 2015)
•2015: Switzer Environmental Fellowship ($15,000; 20 awarded in 2015)
•2012-2015: Graduate Research Fellow, National Science Foundation ($132,000)
•2010-2011: North American Rolex Scholar, Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society/Rolex (3 awarded
 globally in 2010)
•2006-2012 Indiana University Faculty Award Scholarship

Awards and Honors
•2016: Indiana University Outstanding Young Alumni Award

•2010: Australian Geographic 
Spirit of Adventure Award
•2010: Indiana University Outstanding Senior Project Award

•2010: Indiana University Departmental Honors
Josh Stewart, Tane Sinclair-Taylor and Alex Vail at the Australian Geographic Awards Dinner
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